Jewelry that inspires you to bring your best self.

One of my clients told me 'One day I'll see your stuff out somewhere and tell someone "Hey, I know her!". Only several months later she messaged me with a photo of my jewelry setup at the Austin Bergstrom Airport with...

'Your airport jewelry saved me when I forgot my entire jewelry bag at home on my last business trip!' 

Exactly as my dream is for every piece of my jewelry, that every piece will go with every outfit you own without having to think about it. That from the moment you put on piece of Rose Burkhardt Jewelry you will know:
  • You are clothed in strength & dignity.
  • You laugh & dream without fear of the future.
  • Anywhere you go you show up looking your best with a little sparkle.
    Today, I want you to feel beautiful. Whether you are driving your kids to
    soccer or headed into a work meeting. Every day you shine a light in the lives
    of people around you. And when you feel beautiful, your beautiful self shows
    up. So share your sparkle - the world needs it!
    Made for you to feel pretty and put together without having to spend too much
    time on your look.
      • Goes with everything in your closet
      • Above & beyond customer service
      • High quality pieces you can wear over & over
      • The perfect gift someone special will love
      • Made in Texas

    Made for the woman who wants to...

    • Sparkle Everyday
    • Feel Pretty. Every Single Day.
    • Show up and sparkle everywhere you go

    I design handmade jewelry for the busy woman who wants to know that her jewelry will match every outfit she owns, she will sparkle without trying and she won't have to make one more decision in her days already packed full of surprises & adventures.

    Here's my story:

    My passion for jewelry began as a young girl full of dreams. Often times friends would comment on how cute my outfits were, yet they were surprised when they visited me with how few clothes I actually owned. I would always tell them, "It doesn't matter if you wear the same outfit over & over, just switch up your jewelry & no one will every know!" I still live & design by that statement. 
    I started my jewelry business when my little guy was just three years old. He is now eight years old! In my previous business I handmade baby clothing which allowed me to dress him in the cutest baby wear ever. Then slowly transitioned to hand making jewelry, my true passion, at the encouragement of a dear friend who used to make baby clothes as well.
    Over the years, this has become my full time love that has seen so many amazing experiences:
    • 1000+ local shows over the last four years
    • Set up at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport
    • Featured at a SXSW event in Austin, Texas
    • Nationwide conferences in Salt Lake City, Utah

    Little by little this business has grown from a one woman show to a close friend jumping on board, then my hubby, Brandon, jumping on board & now starting the last holiday season we have seven amazing women working with us!!

    Why handmade jewelry?

    My passion is to see women just like me succeed. Jewelry is empowering in a way that only each of us knows the way it makes us sparkle. Handmade by women just like us adds an element of confidence that takes us to another level. 

    When you feel put together, you show up more. You are more engaged, more present, move loving, more your beautiful self. Wearing something that makes you feel pretty helps you sparkle everywhere you go.

    We know you're busy, but you want to look and feel good. Rose Burkhardt
    jewelry is good for every occasion, so you don't have to think twice about how
    you'll accessorize. Take away the stress of getting dressed with high-quality
    pieces that go with everything in your closet.

    We are known for our layering pieces you can wear over & over again. The
    simple glamour of Rose Burkhardt looks great with your entire wardrobe,
    making them a perfect gift for yourself or someone special.

    Handmade in Texas, love and care are put into each piece, matching our
    above & beyond customer service.

    My desire when you wear a Rose Burkhardt piece is, you should feel effortlessly glamorous -- stylish, fabulous, and sophisticated in every setting.